2010 is out, 2011 is in!

And so it has come to pass, 2010 has rolled over into 2011! We spent all of the Christmas holidays in the archipelago (is there any other place?) with a lot of fun in the snow, lazy days, and tons of wonderful food and (of course) a lot of candy.

From our Christmas wishlists, we got more than we could have hoped for. Alexander got his long awaited Call of Duty 7 (“Black Ops”) and FIFA 11 for the Wii, along with some other things he’d wished for. Filip got Smurf “stuff”, Kappla sticks, MagStix, Photo album, and Donkey Kong Country 2 for the Wii.

All in all, it was another great stay in the archipelago.

Oh yes, on New Year’s Eve, we had promised ourselves that we’d stay awake until midnight. At around 23:15, we fell asleep and couldn’t quite be bothered to properly wake up at midnight. Oh well, maybe this coming New Year’s Eve we’ll finally make it 🙂

Rock on!



Dad found a new cool game for our Wii through Nintendo’s Wiiware. The game is called Tokitori. It really is a puzzle game, but it’s well designed and simple enough to play, so it works well for me.

Alexander has been helping me through some hard levels. It would be really nice with more games like this for our Wii. You can read about Tokitori here.

Wii Fit

Mom got a Wii Fit from all of us for Mother’s Day this year, and we’ve had a blast with it so far. The whole family have played it today, and they all had a good laugh when I tried the “Hula hoop”. Some of the exercises are a bit too hard for me, but it’s great fun trying. Alexander was good at the balance type games, and Mom did aerobics really well. I can very much recommend this cool gadget!

Day care

It’s been a hectic first few months of the year; not only have I had to get used to a new game platform (the Nintendo DS), but I’ve also had to muster the switching of day care from my old Purpurn to Hjalmar. It took some getting used to, but now things are moving along nicely. I’m making a lot of new friends and having a blast.

The past few weeks have been chaotic. Alexander got streptococcus and had to eat penicillin twice. While he was recovering, Mom ended up with pneumonia which she’s still not 100% recovered from.

On the upside, we’ve gotten Mario Kart Wii, which is way cool. About a week ago we went to visit Jon, Jo, and Freya to play some Guitar Hero for the Wii, and do some Mario Kart racing. It was good fun. I really like Freya, and I always have a blast when I see her.

Gameboy Advance

After the 2007 xmas, I am now the proud owner of a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP. It looks very much like the one Alexander had, I’m a bit suspicious about that, but on the other hand, who cares.. 🙂

Santa brought me two new games, and Alexander was generous enough to donate most of his GBA games to me; Santa brought him a Nintendo DS.

We spent the entire holidays at the cottage on Blidö and did basically nothing. Well, we played a lot of video games (GBA and Wii), ate a lot of candy, walked in the woods, and generally just chilled. Dad had gotten us some excellent fireworks, which was very cool.

Also turns out I’m quite skilled at bowling (203 is my current high-score), at least Wii style 🙂

Monday morning it’s back to daycare, 2008 here we go!