Filip goes climbing

Today it was time to cash in on my birthday present from auntie Katja. We went to Karbin Klätterklubb’s “Boulder & Klätterhall”. It was wicked cool to go climbing, and I hope I get to do it again soon!


Grocery shopping with Dad

After Alexander’s football game, Dad and I went grocery shopping. I brought my drawing pad and some pens, just to keep myself occupied while Dad was roaming through the shop. We got all the stuff we needed, and as an extra bonus, we found some Finnish Salty Liquorice as well as some Solna Korv Hot Dogs with +80% meat content. Sweet!

Busy weekends

As is common around here, this weekend has so far been very busy, but in a good way. On friday, Filip went to Melinda’s birthday party. It was a huge success, but a bit tiring for Filip since “he was chased by all the girls”. Today, Alexander’s team had (as usual) two football matches. They lost the first one and won the second one. After the game, we chilled for a while, and then went for a coffee-and-cake-break at Kafé Russin with Dad. We stayed out for several hours, going to the parks and fooling around in general. Right now, we’re chilling with Mom and having some candy. Tomorrow, Alexander has another football game. Rumors has it we’ll be having Tacos for dinner tomorrow, yay!