Revisiting Madeira 2017

Revisiting Madeira in 2017 was, as the previous visit, an awesome experience. We rented the same house as in 2015 so that part was very familiar. We did find some new hiking routes and had generally good weather. Madeira is truly a jewel in the Atlantic Ocean, and there’s a little bit of something for everyone. We managed a few laps in the Palheiro Village’s swimming pool too, and this time we were a bit more careful with our smartphones 🙂

You can find the full album here:


When a “Cable Car” trip isn’t just a “Cable Car” trip :)

It was supposed to be just a “cable car trip” … but it turns out we don’t do things that simple 🙂 When we reached the top location, we went for a short hike. Somewhere along the middle of the hike, we took a wrong turn and ended up in a 2km long “water tunnel” (Levada). It was pitch black and full of sharp rocks. Needless to say, we kept on walking and finally made our way out. After another hour or so, we hade made our way back to where the “Cable Cars” were. In the Old Town of Funchal, we all had a pizza and finally went back home. We didn’t need any help falling asleep!

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