I’m staying at Hampus’ place tonight, together with Måns, Viktor, and Marcus. We’re having a “boys’ gaming night”. We’ll try not to stay up too late since we have three football matches (two on Saturday and one on Sunday).

Sleepover & Football

This last weekend was a blast! On Friday, I went to stay at Marcus’ because I had a game on Saturday. Since Mom, Dad, and Filip had to go to Blidö to drive the boat to its winter storage, this was the only way I could be sure to get to play in the game. And I did, and we won 7-2! On Sunday, we had another game, which did not end quite as nicely for us (0-6 loss), but we had a good time and it’ll be a weekend to remember for sure!

My first sleepover

This Saturday (2010-02-20), I had my first sleepover; at Måns’. Of course, the day was action packed with a trip to the movies (Avatar), gaming, and a lot of other fun activities.

I managed to stay up a wee bit late (like 23:30), so today I’m a “little” tired .. and quite grumpy as well according to Mom and Dad. I guess I’ll be paying for that little sidestep by going to bed around Filip’s bedtime tonite. Oh well, it was worth it!