Wicked cool 9th birthday

So today I had my official 9th birthday party! The Family was here (of course), as were our cool next-door neighbours. Mom had spent hours in the kitchen baking cakes, cookies, and other things necessary to make it the perfect birthday. When it was all over, there were but a few cookies left (I wonder were they went). And I have gotten myself a new phone, the fabulous Samsung Galaxy W! Woo-Hoo!

Filip Got Phone

Woo-Hoo … I’m finally truly mobile and connected! Having been confined to only to WiFi surfing on my pad previously, I have now “inherited” Alexander’s Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile phone. It does, of course, also feature WiFi access, but more importantly, I have a SIM card in it which allows me to do 3G data, regular calling and texting. I’m already getting the hang of things like WhatsApp, Android Market, and what not. I’m loving my cell phone already!

Exit HTC Wildfire, enter Samsung Galaxy Ace

And it wasn’t even my birthday… in fact, it was the day before Filip’s birthday. We had some visitors (Tanya, Dan, Victor, Oscar, and Aunt Yvonne) to celebrate Filip’s birthday. They were here for one day, so we decided to do all the celebrations. After Filip was presented with his birthday present, Mom and Dad pulled out a “Rabbit” out of their hat for me. It’s so nice to finally have a “smartphone” that works properly and that doesn’t produce serious lag when playing things like Angry Birds 🙂

Bye bye HTC Wildfire, and hello Samsung Galaxy Ace! 🙂


Enter Smartphone, the HTC Wildfire

After having been introduced to the world of mobile phones some time go, Dad decided it was time I got down to playing with a so-called “Smartphone”.

So today I will ditch my good old SonyEricsson T650i for a HTC Wildfire, sporting the Android operating system. Granted, my “new” phone isn’t the state-of-the-art, but it’s close enough for my needs. Dad also got me a near-unlimited surf-plan after having spent 30 minutes on the phone with Tele2 (I’m sure glad I don’t have to answer his calls at some customer service desk).

One neat thing is that I can now sync my calendar (and e-mail, etc) with my Work2Go (collab) account. This means that Mom and Dad can add things to my calendar that I need to remember 🙂

What Filip will say remains to be seen .. I’m pretty much convinced that he’ll scream his lungs out. But hey, I didn’t have a neato-whizz-bang mobile phone when I was his age either!