Filip Got Phone

Woo-Hoo … I’m finally truly mobile and connected! Having been confined to only to WiFi surfing on my pad previously, I have now “inherited” Alexander’s Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile phone. It does, of course, also feature WiFi access, but more importantly, I have a SIM card in it which allows me to do 3G data, regular calling and texting. I’m already getting the hang of things like WhatsApp, Android Market, and what not. I’m loving my cell phone already!

My very own WordPress :-)

So, having hit fifth grade and having been nagging to Dad about it for the past six months, I guess it was about time. Starting today, I will try to get my hands dirty with my very own WordPress site: I’ll play with uploading pictures, adding posts, and what not. Dad also showed me how to add new entries via my SmartPhone, which was kind of cool. Of course, now I actually have to write stuff there too 🙂

Enter Smartphone, the HTC Wildfire

After having been introduced to the world of mobile phones some time go, Dad decided it was time I got down to playing with a so-called “Smartphone”.

So today I will ditch my good old SonyEricsson T650i for a HTC Wildfire, sporting the Android operating system. Granted, my “new” phone isn’t the state-of-the-art, but it’s close enough for my needs. Dad also got me a near-unlimited surf-plan after having spent 30 minutes on the phone with Tele2 (I’m sure glad I don’t have to answer his calls at some customer service desk).

One neat thing is that I can now sync my calendar (and e-mail, etc) with my Work2Go (collab) account. This means that Mom and Dad can add things to my calendar that I need to remember 🙂

What Filip will say remains to be seen .. I’m pretty much convinced that he’ll scream his lungs out. But hey, I didn’t have a neato-whizz-bang mobile phone when I was his age either!

My first e-mail

Today I wrote my first e-mail, with my very own e-mail account! Dad has begun showing me the ropes of what he calls a new world (for me). It will be an exciting fall no doubt (not just because of e-mail of course). It was very interesting, but quite a few new things to learn.

Dad also showed me some keyboard shortcuts that made navigating the web a lot faster .. we also talked a bit about programming. There are a lot of strange words that I’m not entirely sure of yet, but I’m sure it’ll all come to me in due time.

We ended our training session by a Wikipedia lookup of “lactose” and “lactose intolerance“; something we had pledged to do since we were talking about it at the breakfast table this morning. I’m not lactose intolerant, but we were discussing “sugar” in foods.