Game On 2.0 and the National Museum of Science and Technology

Today we went to the National Museum of Science and Technology to visit the Game On 2.0 exhibition. Needless to say, when you go to the National Museum of Science and Technology, you can’t just see one exhibition. You must check out whatever else they’ve got going out there! So, me, Alexander, Dad, Carola, Viktor, and Rebecka headed off to play all sorts of retro video games. Carola pointed out that it must feel weird to see some of the toys WE played with as “younger kids” appear at a museum so soon. It did 🙂

GameOn2020131110_00915 20131110_00962








After our museum visit, we headed off to Kaknästornet for some “fika” (coffee break with snacks). All in all a very cool day that ended with me and Rebecka going for our weekly Sunday swim practice!



Battlefield 3 Limited Edition IN DA HOUSE!

The long wait is over .. Battlefield 3 is finally here, and I got it! 🙂 Dad had made a pre-order for two copies of BF3 Limited Edition. Of course he claims he needs to play these games to better understand what I’m doing, and to keep up with me. I personally think he’s doing it because he enjoys to play them almost as much as I do 🙂 Anyway .. awesome awesomer awesomest .. perhaps not the most correct conjugation in the world, but hey .. you get the picture!

Clear a path, I’m going in!



Today we had a visit from Per Brodén from the Stockholm Chess Federation! He showed us the basics of chess, and we’ll be allowed to spend time learning the game of Chess at school. We have entered the Chess4 (Schack4an) competition, in which four-graders all over Sweden are playing in. It’ll be held at the Globe Arena in February and March of 2011. This is so cool. I need to get Dad to show me some moves!

Call of Duty 4 – semper fi!

Now that I’ve gotten used to how these FPS games work, dad has given me my very own copy of Call of Duty 4! For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of COD4 gaming. After having cleared out the single player campaign, I’ve moved onto playing against other players on-line. This is wicked cool!

Ooh.. I-N-C-O-M-I-N-G-! Gotta run .. see you in a bit! 🙂

FPS Craze with a twist of History

Recently, I’ve been diving into the FPS (“First-Person-Shooter“) world of gaming. From Unreal Tournament, I’ve moved onto Medal of Honor, Battlefield 1942, and Battlefield 2. I’ve been waiting for soooo long to play these games, and now that I’ve turned 10, Dad thinks it’s ok for me to play the “war-like” games. Sometimes, specially when hanging around with Måns, I also play the on-line game Runescape.

Medal of Honor

Along with this privilege, however, comes a little twist. Dad and I have history lessons about WWII! I find these history lessons just as amazing as the games. Dad shows me where big and small battles took place on the map, and we have purchased some books about this where I can read about it. I find it horrible and fascinating at the same time.

Battlefield 1942

Laserdome Birthday Party

Today, Viktor and I had our combined birthday party at Laserdome! A wicked cool place for real first-person shooter gaming 🙂 We had ourselves a blast, literally. There was cake and candy .. but we could have done without it for some more blaster time 🙂 Of course, my actual birthday is ten days off .. so there’s more good stuff to come!