Sweden – Argentina @ Friend’s Arena

Alexander and I have been sick with the flu back and forth, but I at least managed to stay well enough to go with Mom to watch the football friendly between Sweden and Argentina at Friend’s Arena in Solna. Football isn’t perhaps my main interest in life, but I got to see Zlatan and Messi on the pitch, and stuff my face with goodies 🙂 Sweden lost the game, which I guess was to be expected, but I had a good time!


AIK 3 – DIF 0

After a weekend filled with my own Football (three games, three wins), it was time for me and auntie Katja to head to Råsunda Stadium for the last ever derby between AIK and DIF on that arena (they’re tearing it down to make room for apartment buildings).

There were a lot of drunken fans around the city, and the Police was out in full force. AIK won the match 3-0 and I enjoyed the whole event a lot!

Cast Off!

After four weeks of jumping around on crutches with a cast, it was finally time to remove the cast! Dad and I went to the Hospital to have the deed done. It went fairly quickly, but the Nurse managed to give me a nice gash with the “saw” used to remove the cast. Good thing I’m young so the traces will be minimal!

Now there’ll be a few more weeks with crutches, and then we get going on the road to recovery and Football!