Gone Fishing with Dad

Today Dad had set the alarm for 06:00 to take us fishing. We were done with breakfast ‘n stuff around 06:30 and gathered all the equipment to go fishing. As we came down to the docks, we heard fish making noise in the water. Dad borrowed Alexander’s kit and made one throw and got a Pike! How weird. This is exactly how Alexander made his first catch a few years ago. It was a great morning and we had a second round of breakfast as we got back to the house. The fish? Well, apart from that one pike, we didn’t get any. But it was good fun. Our catch was too small, so Dad let it back into the water.


Catching my first Pike

You remember how I told you I had just gotten my own fishing rod? Well, today I got my very first catch with that very same rod. Yesterday, Dad and I went to do some practice throws with it, and today I wanted to do some more of that. So Filip, Mom, and I went down to Sjöstugan (an old boat house here in Storvik). On the third throw, Filip told me I was too far into the shallow water with my throw, and I was beginning to agree when something started pulling back and forth!

After some moments of chaos and panic (Mom and Filip weren’t exactly calm), we managed to get the fish into the landing net. Unfortunately, everything including the line and lure got all tangled up in the net. Filip ran all the way back to our house to get Dad, while Mom and I carried the very lively fish – a Pike – back towards the house.

When we got to the house, Dad told us all to calm down and went about the business of first killing the Pike, and then getting it untangled from the landing net. About 10 minutes later, Dad had gutted and cleaned the fish and asked Mom to peel some potatoes!

So now I had caught my very first Pike and now I have had my very first taste of it! What I’m doing tomorrow? Do you even have to ask? 🙂

My very own fishing rod

I’ve been intrigued by fish and fishing ever since I was really small. There’s just something about catching them that is so fun. Of course, when I was a wee bit smaller than now, Dad did catch a bigger one for me; unfortunately I wasn’t very comfortable with the fact that Dad had to break its neck to prepare it for eating. I’ve been a bit put off with that very concept until recently. I’ve made a new friend out here on Blidö, his name is Daniel, and we’ve been doing some fishing which is very cool.

When we went to Norrtälje, we went to Dogger (a store for boat and fishing equipment), and now I have my very own fishing rod! All I have to do now is to learn to actually like eating the fish too 🙂