Cast Off!

After four weeks of jumping around on crutches with a cast, it was finally time to remove the cast! Dad and I went to the Hospital to have the deed done. It went fairly quickly, but the Nurse managed to give me a nice gash with the “saw” used to remove the cast. Good thing I’m young so the traces will be minimal!

Now there’ll be a few more weeks with crutches, and then we get going on the road to recovery and Football!


During what seemed to be a very normal Football practice session on Thursday, I sustained a very painful fracture in a small piece of bone between my lower leg and my foot. We were playing a 4-on-4 match and I was going for the ball when a loud “thack!” could be heard. I fell down on the pitch in some serious pain. After many painful hours at the hospital, Dad and I went home, accompanied by a set of crutches and a cast. In a little while, we’ll do another X-ray and then have the cast replaced with something bigger and heavier (another cast). So, no more Football this year seems to be the verdict 🙁

Audiogram on the Name Day

Today it was time for me and Dad to head on over to the Karolinska Hospital for an audiogram. Our local doctor had asked us to go and get one done to see if we can figure out if I have fluid in my ear(s) or what is going on. The trip to the hospital went well, and since today is my Name Day, Dad agreed to buy a huge Chocolate Chip Cookie. Yum! 🙂