Goodbye Tora

On Friday we drove from Stockholm to Arvika and back in less than 24 hours.

The reason for the roadtrip was to say goodbye to our grandmother, Tora, who recently passed away.

It was a good trip, but it was hard to say goodbye to Tora.

May you breathe a little lighter and laugh a little easier where you go, we’ll miss you Mommo!

Silja Line cruise 2012-02-29 – 2012-03-02

From Wed – Fri, we went on yet another Silja Line 36-hour cruise to Helsinki. Needless to say, the usual traditions were upheld; that is, have at least four sessions in the jacuzzi, party our pants off on and off the ship, have a huge meal at Chico’s (the best place for burgers in Helsinki, possibly in all of Scandinavia), and to go wild and crazy for a full 36 hours. Everything went according to plan!


Glorious week of winter!

On Monday and Tuesday, we focused hard on the homework assignments, and got them all done on time. On Wednesday, we went for Aikido with Dad (two sessions); and we had no homework left to do there, so while Alexander was busy with his Aikido session, Filip could just watch and chill.

On Thursday, the whole school went for a day out on the ice. We all went to Kärrtorp’s ice rink. Those that didn’t have skates played in the snow. We all brought food with us. We had Pasta Pesto, Risifrutti and some of Dad’s awesome hot chocolate with us. Needless to say, there wasn’t much left of the chocolate when we got back.

On Friday we did some serious relaxing; playing the PS3.

On Saturday, Filip was supposed to go and play Table Tennis. But it was cancelled at the last minute. So we decided to go look for some new skates for Alexander. Sweden had been hit by a serious cold (which is supposed to be the case since it’s winter). After about an hour, we had managed to obtain a pair of skates, had them sharpened, and off we went. Mom came to join us, and we spent hours on the ice. It was the first time in a long time for Alexander, but he enjoyed it as much as the rest of us. After that, Mom and Filip stayed at Dad’s apartment to watch a few movies, while Dad and Alexander went for Football practice. We rounded off the evening with excellent Pizza.

Today, Dad had to drop some stuff off for some friends (JonJoFreyaZelda), so we relaxed, built some LEGO, etc. while he was gone. When he got back, we went ice skating again (!), and Mom joined us today too! When we were done, we went to Kafé Russin, which is one of our favorite hang-out places.

Spaghetti and Meatballs were on the menu this evening, and tomorrow another week of school begins. Alexander’s birthday is coming up on Friday, which will be cool!

May the Pesto be with you, always!

New Year’s 2011/2012

After having managed a wonderful Christmas, it was now time for our first whole week at Dad’s. He had some surprises up his sleeve! As we walked into the apartment, we were told to cover our eyes while Dad went to fetch something from somewhere in the apartment. When he came back, he showed us two huge bean bags, the kind you sit on/in. We figured they’d be nice to use in front of the TV. Dad told us they were indeed intended for that use, but not just to watch TV. After that, he showed us the box to our latest gaming toy, the Sony Playstation 3! Nice stuff! Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet and Need for Speed – The Run were the initial titles he had gotten for us. Very nice!


On December 30th, aunt Katja came around to check out the apartment and to pick us up for another fun filled evening. We went to “Hovet” to watch Katja’s favorite team, Djurgården (DIF) take on Luleå for an action packed Hockey game. The surprise had been a well kept secret, and we had a blast. Unfortunately “our” favorite team (DIF) took a beating, but I think Katja was more disappointed than us.




Mom came over for New Year’s Eve; Dad cooked for all of us, and then we watched some of the fireworks around this part of Stockholm. We were quite tired when it was time to hit the bed around 01:00, but at least we didn’t fall asleep at 21:30 like we did the previous year! LOL

On the second day of 2012, we went to Heron City with Dad to watch Happy Feet 2 in 3D. Having liked the first Happy Feet movie, we were really looking forward to the sequel. Dad made it into a whole day of activities with everything from clothes shopping, a visit to IKEA, a proper burger meal, and a visit to the gaming arcade at Heron City before the movie. All in all, great stuff!

That pretty much concludes our first week in this place, as well as the first few days of 2012.



Today, we celebrate 11/11/11 (for Americans, that’s 11/11/11, not the other way around). Imagine that, at 11:11:11, it’s even better!