Filip goes climbing

Today it was time to cash in on my birthday present from auntie Katja. We went to Karbin Klätterklubb’s “Boulder & Klätterhall”. It was wicked cool to go climbing, and I hope I get to do it again soon!


Pizza & Ice Cream event with Dad

When Dad came home from work today, we were seated in front of the computers playing games and watching YouTube, what else is new? Dad asked us if we wanted to go for takeaway pizza and ice cream down by Kristineberg Strand. Of course we said yes. Dad called to pre-order the pizza, and then we went to pick it up. We got down to the docks by Kristineberg Strand and started munching away. Filip said we should do this a lot more often. When we had pigged out on pizza, we went to the Glasseria a bit further up at Hornsberg Strand where we all had a ton of ice cream. Nice and warm weather, nice walking, and absolutely fantastic food. What an evening!