On my sixth Christmas..

.. I received:

  • a new electrical toothbrush, quite cool!
  • a LEGO Fire Station
  • a set of Hot Wheels cars and some track
  • the Arthur game for my Nintendo DS
  • a Scooby Doo game

All very cool things .. what’s also good is that I get to play some of Alexander’s new Nintendo Wii games 🙂

Christmas without Santa?

In a previous post, Filip voiced his doubts about Santa’s be or not to be. Come Christmas Eve, which is when we normally expect a visit from the white bearded guy, Mom chose to inform us of the fact that Santa would not be paying us a visit while we were awake.

The reason we were given was that Santa’s reindeer were too tired to make it all the way out here (Blidö). Fair enough, but on the morning of Christmas Eve, there was a pile of Christmas gifts waiting for us. So I guess the reindeer or Santa somehow managed to arrange for the delivery! Woo-hoo!


20091219_snowfunAlexander’s friend Måns called this morning to ask if Alexander wanted to come out and race with his Snow Racer, now that we finally got some real snow! When Dad walked down to the basement to fetch Alexander’s Snow Racer, he ran into Måns’ dad, Christer, who asked if I wanted to come along as well. Since Mom was going to town to shop, Dad went along with us. It turns out there were a lot of kids there!

hot-chocolateWe had a blast for several hours; after a while, Måns’ Mom (Irina) turned up with hot chocolate and hot dogs. We took a quick foodie break and then it was back in the slopes again. When we came home, Dad made us sandwiches and real hot chocolate (cocoa, muscovado sugar, vanilla sugar, cream, and milk) .. yum!

All in all, a wonderful day out in the snow!

Swine Flu

SwineFluToday it was time for the Swine Flu vaccine .. Dad had booked an appointment for me and Alexander to get it done. Unfortunately, Alexander has come down with something (it’s not the flu, at least not the oinking kind). After som arguing with the nurses, we finally managed to get to see the doctor (the nurses claimed we had no appointment, bad mistake :-))

Since Alexander couldn’t come, Dad got “his shot” instead. I don’t think Dad had planned it that way, but when one of the nurses said that she didn’t have any paperwork for him, he asked her for the form and filled it out.

And then it was my turn. It took all of 10 seconds and then it was over. When we had taken the elevator down to the ground floor, my tension dropped and I managed to produce some tears. Dad and I went to McDonald’s for lunch. It’s not Dad’s favorite place exactly, but it was for a good cause (me)!

On our way home on the subway, Dad asked me how my arm was feeling, and I told him it hurt quite a bit; at the same time I held my right arm to prove my point. When dad pointed out to me that it was the left arm, it got a bit confusing .. but we both had a laugh about that 🙂

Santa doesn’t live here anymore

Santa Claus
Santa Claus

Today I told Mom and Dad that I’m on to their tricks! I know what’s going on.. I’ve figured out that Dad is the one doing the Santa thing every Christmas. While driving back from a shopping tour, I explained to Mom and Dad that I had some serious evidence to back up the thesis that Dad has actually been playing the role of Santa Claus all along.

I mean.. how many times can it be a coincidence that when Dad goes to buy the newspaper, Santa pops in the door.. ?! One year he told us he went down to the docks. Ok.. fine.. have your walk to the docks.. but.. why does Santa have to show up every time while you’re gone?! No.. I’m not buying it anymore! Dad is Santa. Santa is Dad!

Becoming a footballer

Filip the footballer
Filip the footballer

Since two weeks, I am now formally part of the FC Kristineberg football team, just like Alexander.

Our practice sessions are still somewhat chaotic since it’s a newly formed team – many of the kids probably won’t endure – but I’m having a great time! I also get to see a lot of my classmates at football practice, double the fun!

First day of school, ever

First day
First day

Whoohoo! Today was the first day of school, ever! It was great fun, I got to see a lot of my friends again; specially Gurra G!

After our “introductions”, we had cordial and cake in the yard, while our parents had coffee.

Dad stayed until 10.15 and then I went to play with my friends some more. We had meatballs and potatoes for lunch.

We had lunch at the big school, where Alexander is!

New bicycle!

Old Bicycle
Old Bicycle

Time to say goodbye to the old bicycle! The Orange Grease Lightning has served me well (and Alexander before me), but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.

Enter Blue Thunder! 🙂

New Bicycle
New Bicycle

The archipelago moose


When we arrived at our cottage this evening, Dad spotted two moose from the road; it was Mama Moose and Baby Moose that had decided to have a snack (!).

Mom and Dad tried to scare it away, but the moose would have none of it, until Dad threw one of his rubber boots on Mama Moose. They sure are big and impressive animals. You can see two pictures in our album here.

Getting geared up for school


Having visited what will become my school in the fall, I’m all ready to go. No need for me to hang around daycare for another few months before summer holidays.

I can’t wait to leave daycare behind me and start hanging around the bigger kids 🙂 And what’s better is that I’ll be closer to Alexander of course!

School, here I come .. !