Slash, the next generation!

Daycare has been closed for two days, so Mom and I went on a shopping spree yesterday; getting me ten Smurfs and one fine accoustic guitar. When I came home I obviously had to check my new piece out, and the whole thing went bust! 🙁 Today, Dad and I went to the store to get a replacement, and he decided we might as well get a better one. So we did.

From the time we got home from the store to the time Mom and Alexander came home, I ran through the apartment doing my best to impersonate Slash and David Gilmour, much to my Dad’s pleasure I’m sure 🙂 Ha ha ha ha!

Goodbye Rhodes!

Just back from Rhodes, I feel like I need a vacation! The whole family went to Rhodes for a week. It was a lot of fun!

A nice beach, and a really fun children’s club (“Lollo & Bernie”) along with some really nice weather and tons of ice cream made the last week a blast. Now I’m looking forward to the last day of daycare before the summer holidays!

Go check out the pictures from our trip here

My first computer

I’m now officially the owner of my very own laptop!

Mom and dad revived a fabulous Toshiba laptop (Satellite Pro 4360) from the laptop graveyard. It’s a blazingly fast PIII-700 with a whopping 192MB of memory and Windows 2000.

Dad immediately wanted to spice it up a bit with some more memory, a bigger disk, and what not.. but hey, PAINT works on it, so what more could one ask for?!

Dad is looking into the possibility of installting something called Linux on it, he says it’ll probably work better on this computer. Whatever.. I’m as happy as a pig in mud if I can just doodle a little and possibly play some nice games!

The attack of the chickenpox!

As great and wonderful as I felt last week, that’s how rotten this experience turned out to be. I’m told it’s called “Chickenpox”. As you can see from the photograph, it was entertaining at first, being called “spotty”. Several hours later, dad found himself lying next to me in bed scratching my back gently in an attempt to help me go to sleep. We tried just about every household remedy before turning to modern medicine and the use of antihistamines.

It took around one week for these nasty buggers to turn into crusts and finally fall off. Good thing I don’t have to go through that ordeal again! Aaargh!

Rebecka’s birthday party

As entertaining as the end of 2006 was, I’m all fired up for 2007.

What better way to start off the year with than a birthday party?!

Today it was time to dress up and go to Rebecka’s birthday party. Getting a gift for a girl turned out to be a little bit harder than I expected, but it all worked out in the end.

We had a blast, and the karaoke was a fun thing to try. My gift was highly appreciated by the birthday girl.