AIK 3 – DIF 0

After a weekend filled with my own Football (three games, three wins), it was time for me and auntie Katja to head to Råsunda Stadium for the last ever derby between AIK and DIF on that arena (they’re tearing it down to make room for apartment buildings).

There were a lot of drunken fans around the city, and the Police was out in full force. AIK won the match 3-0 and I enjoyed the whole event a lot!

Pizza & Ice Cream event with Dad

When Dad came home from work today, we were seated in front of the computers playing games and watching YouTube, what else is new? Dad asked us if we wanted to go for takeaway pizza and ice cream down by Kristineberg Strand. Of course we said yes. Dad called to pre-order the pizza, and then we went to pick it up. We got down to the docks by Kristineberg Strand and started munching away. Filip said we should do this a lot more often. When we had pigged out on pizza, we went to the Glasseria a bit further up at Hornsberg Strand where we all had a ton of ice cream. Nice and warm weather, nice walking, and absolutely fantastic food. What an evening!


Gone Fishing with Dad

Today Dad had set the alarm for 06:00 to take us fishing. We were done with breakfast ‘n stuff around 06:30 and gathered all the equipment to go fishing. As we came down to the docks, we heard fish making noise in the water. Dad borrowed Alexander’s kit and made one throw and got a Pike! How weird. This is exactly how Alexander made his first catch a few years ago. It was a great morning and we had a second round of breakfast as we got back to the house. The fish? Well, apart from that one pike, we didn’t get any. But it was good fun. Our catch was too small, so Dad let it back into the water.