Christmas 2011

This year’s Christmas was a little different than our previous ones. But it was quite good. Dad came over sometime after lunch, there had been an incident at work he had to deal with.

Once he arrived, we started getting all the food out and the table ready. Dad even managed to put together a Gingerbread house, this year made from Gingerbread cookies since we were a little pressed for time. Under our Christmas tree there were a lot of nice presents for us to open after we had finished watching the Christmas Classic, Donald Duck and his friends.

All in all, and despite the recent changes in all of our lives, it was a good Christmas.

Next week we’re heading over to Dad’s, and he’s told us something about one more Christmas surprise … 🙂

Cast Off!

After four weeks of jumping around on crutches with a cast, it was finally time to remove the cast! Dad and I went to the Hospital to have the deed done. It went fairly quickly, but the Nurse managed to give me a nice gash with the “saw” used to remove the cast. Good thing I’m young so the traces will be minimal!

Now there’ll be a few more weeks with crutches, and then we get going on the road to recovery and Football!


During what seemed to be a very normal Football practice session on Thursday, I sustained a very painful fracture in a small piece of bone between my lower leg and my foot. We were playing a 4-on-4 match and I was going for the ball when a loud “thack!” could be heard. I fell down on the pitch in some serious pain. After many painful hours at the hospital, Dad and I went home, accompanied by a set of crutches and a cast. In a little while, we’ll do another X-ray and then have the cast replaced with something bigger and heavier (another cast). So, no more Football this year seems to be the verdict 🙁

Fall/Autumn holidays 2011

This week, we’ve had our yearly autumn holidays, but the past five days have been anything but lazy. On Monday, Mom took us to the cinema to see Tintin. On Tuesday, we went on a cruise to Helsinki with Dad, where we also visited Sea Life. We got back from Helsinki on Thursday, and on Friday, we went for a visit to the Kaknästower (Kaknästornet). Filip had never been there, and he was quite impressed to have cake and Fanta some 140 m above the ground!

Having time off from school can be really hectic 🙂

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition IN DA HOUSE!

The long wait is over .. Battlefield 3 is finally here, and I got it! 🙂 Dad had made a pre-order for two copies of BF3 Limited Edition. Of course he claims he needs to play these games to better understand what I’m doing, and to keep up with me. I personally think he’s doing it because he enjoys to play them almost as much as I do 🙂 Anyway .. awesome awesomer awesomest .. perhaps not the most correct conjugation in the world, but hey .. you get the picture!

Clear a path, I’m going in!

Busy weekends

As is common around here, this weekend has so far been very busy, but in a good way. On friday, Filip went to Melinda’s birthday party. It was a huge success, but a bit tiring for Filip since “he was chased by all the girls”. Today, Alexander’s team had (as usual) two football matches. They lost the first one and won the second one. After the game, we chilled for a while, and then went for a coffee-and-cake-break at Kafé Russin with Dad. We stayed out for several hours, going to the parks and fooling around in general. Right now, we’re chilling with Mom and having some candy. Tomorrow, Alexander has another football game. Rumors has it we’ll be having Tacos for dinner tomorrow, yay!

My very own WordPress :-)

So, having hit fifth grade and having been nagging to Dad about it for the past six months, I guess it was about time. Starting today, I will try to get my hands dirty with my very own WordPress site: I’ll play with uploading pictures, adding posts, and what not. Dad also showed me how to add new entries via my SmartPhone, which was kind of cool. Of course, now I actually have to write stuff there too 🙂

Visiting Norrtälje

Every time we’re on Summer Holidays on Blidö, we visit the closest town, Norrtälje, a few times. This year is no exception. And as tradition has it, we usually get pretty nice weather when visiting Norrtälje. Apart from eating some serious ice cream, we also managed to find new shoes for Filip, and look at some computer games for Alexander.


Today was the first day with just us and Dad these Summer Holidays; needless to say we spent a lot of time down by the water. Swimming, jumping, filming (with the GoPro), and having a blast in general.

There’s a pile of rocks some 50-75m out in the water that Alexander wants to swim out to. Dad told him it was OK only if we did some practice runs in more shallow water. So Alexander practiced like a madman (!); he did eleven laps of 25m for a total of 275m. Not bad at all.

Filip continued to improve on his swimming, both on and below the surface. We spent a total of four hours by the water. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it, right? 🙂

You can find three of today’s videos below:

Exit HTC Wildfire, enter Samsung Galaxy Ace

And it wasn’t even my birthday… in fact, it was the day before Filip’s birthday. We had some visitors (Tanya, Dan, Victor, Oscar, and Aunt Yvonne) to celebrate Filip’s birthday. They were here for one day, so we decided to do all the celebrations. After Filip was presented with his birthday present, Mom and Dad pulled out a “Rabbit” out of their hat for me. It’s so nice to finally have a “smartphone” that works properly and that doesn’t produce serious lag when playing things like Angry Birds 🙂

Bye bye HTC Wildfire, and hello Samsung Galaxy Ace! 🙂