Christmas 2010 Wishlist

Alright.. here are the official Christmas 2010 Wishlist candidates from us!


  1. Call of Duty 7; Black Ops
  2. For Dad to fix a website for me, if he knows how to
  3. A big white chocolate bar (that I’m allowed to eat in one go)
  4. A really large hat / cap / beanie


  1. Smurf Windmill
  2. Lego games
  3. Girl smurfs
  4. Kappla sticks
  5. Smurf house
  6. MagStix
  7. Photo album

Spread the word, we really want Santa to hear about this ground breaking news item!

Julbord 2010

Well, it’s that time of the year again when the whole family goes to a Christmas Lunch or Christmas Dinner at some restaurant. This time, it was time for a re-visit to the awesome Ulriksdals Wärdshus, where we’ve been several times before. It’s hard to stay away from this place around Christmas 🙂 We added some photos to the photo album from the visit too (of course). All in all, it was a nice visit with a lot of good food (and just as much candy and dessert)!

The National Museum of Science and Technology

Today was the last day of our Autumn Holidays. Dad took time off from work to have a full day of activities with us. First we went to the National Museum of  Technology of Science, and then we had a huge (and very delicious) burger meal at Max. To round off a perfect day, Dad had gotten us tickets to the movie Avatar, the Last Airbender 3D. Wow.. we think all days should be like this! You can check out some pictures from our awesome day here.

Ice Hockey: Djurgården vs Södertälje

Aunt Katja and I went to watch Djurgården (my Aunt’s favorite team) and Södertälje play ice hockey today at Hovet. We had a good time, even if my Aunt is slightly disorganized at times! Djurgården won with 4-3, but it was a very close and good game — and I had a blast!

On our way back, we dropped by Fryshuset Arenan where Dad had been watching Alter Bridge, one of his favorite bands (this time featuring Slash), which he enjoyed a lot.

The whole building was shaking when we came into it .. I guess those boys play pretty loud. Since my Aunt had to work (tearing down the AB set), I hooked up with Dad for the ride on Tvärbanan back home. All in all, a very good day!



Today we had a visit from Per Brodén from the Stockholm Chess Federation! He showed us the basics of chess, and we’ll be allowed to spend time learning the game of Chess at school. We have entered the Chess4 (Schack4an) competition, in which four-graders all over Sweden are playing in. It’ll be held at the Globe Arena in February and March of 2011. This is so cool. I need to get Dad to show me some moves!

Sleepover & Football

This last weekend was a blast! On Friday, I went to stay at Marcus’ because I had a game on Saturday. Since Mom, Dad, and Filip had to go to Blidö to drive the boat to its winter storage, this was the only way I could be sure to get to play in the game. And I did, and we won 7-2! On Sunday, we had another game, which did not end quite as nicely for us (0-6 loss), but we had a good time and it’ll be a weekend to remember for sure!

Re-organizing house

For the past two weeks, things have been a mess here at home. The biggest reason is because Mom and Dad finally decided to throw out a lot of old furniture (and replace it), give three rooms a new coat of paint, and move us into the same bedroom (!).

The reasoning behind it being that we mainly sleep in our bedroom and want a dedicated room for our computers or “home office”.

So, things are a little bit out of order here .. it feels a little like camping, but we do have our new beds setup at least and things are moving along nicely. We’ll let you know when you can view the progress in our photo album.

Cold season

Well, so far we’ve spent the better part of two weeks with running noses and coughing. No football, and very little other activity. Hopefully things will improve soon. Alexander is getting cranky because he’s missing out on football.

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma Tora!

This weekend we went to Forshaga near Karlstad in Värmland. The roadtrip was brought on by our Grandma Tora’s 90th birthday! A big part of the family on Mom’s side came to honor the oldest lady of them all, as well as a somewhat younger Ronja, who celebrated her 20th birthday at the same time. It was a blast, and we got to meet a lot of people we don’t see so often.

We stayed with aunt Yvonne who lives in Forshaga as well.

You can check out photos from the party in our photo album!

On our way back from Forshaga, we stopped by one of Dad’s colleagues, Mats, who lives in Skattkärr with his family. Mats had a really cool trampoline mat (jumping mat), and we had a lot of fun with it together with Mats’ two children, H&M.