Football tournament (Vasacupen)

It’s off to a full day of football today! Going with Viktor’s dad, Viktor, and his sister, we’ll be away to participate in Vasacupen as part of FC Kristineberg (my football team). Mom and Dad are away for the 5th anniversary, so aunt Yvonne is taking care of me and Filip!

Football Camp

I just finished a week of football camp. Just like last year, I had a blast. Five days of nothing but football, from 9 o’clock in the morning till four o’clock in the afternoon.

One more week, and then I’m of to our cottage for four solid weeks of nothing but fun!

Doing the Aikido thing

So it had come to be, my first Aikido session; or try-out at least. The dojo where Dad does his Aikido had its official opening this weekend. After the football game on Saturday, the whole family went to the dojo. Dad got his kit on, and then asked me if I wanted to give it a shot. I was a bit unsure at first, but then I decided to try it.

Man.. this stuff is really fun!

If everything works out, I’ll be trying it a few more times before the summer holidays – and then I’ll consider doing it in the fall, “full-time” so to speak.

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii is in da house! This game, along with Fifa 08, is turning out to be my favorite game for the Wii. A week ago, we went to visit Jon, Jo, and Freya. They, of course, had Mario Kart Wii as well, and we had a good time racing. Dad and I also tried some Guitar Hero which was awesome.

The past month has been chaotic. I had a case of streptococcus, and while I was recovering, and on my second run of penicillin, Mom got pneumonia. I was lucky though, I could have missed out on the beginning out the outdoor soccer season.

Speaking of soccer, on Sunday, my FC Kristineberg P00 team won its first S:t Erik’s Cup game against Gröndals IK with 4-1. I scored a goal. The weather was great and we had a blast. On Saturday I had played with the P99 team; we lost that game 4-7.

Gotta run, time to do some more Mario Kart driving. Tomorrow it’s football practice. On Wednesday we have our next cup game, and on Thursday it’s football practice again. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Winter holidays

Dad and I have spent one week by ourselves at our cottage on Blidö (an island in the Stockholm archipelago). It was my first time ever away from Mom and Filip for such a long time. But dad is a clever dude and found some very basic and very enjoyable activities.

We took long walks in the deepest of forests, played Nintendo Wii, had a lot of yummy food (and “coffee breaks”). We managed to get some homework done too actually. On one of our excursions we saw five deers in the woods. Very exciting!

It was a week filled with very simple living.

Dad also hooked us up on Skype with the webcam, so we had a videochat with Mom and Filip every evening for a few minutes.

FIFA 08 rocks!

Today I won my very first match in Fifa 08; the awesome game for the Nintendo Wii! I usually have very little patience when it comes to stuff I’ve never done before. But dad guided me through the controls (you have to use two controls, one in each hand).

There are many cool aspects of this game, such as the various game modes, being able to play with others, both over the internet and with multiple players at the same time.

I’ve picked up a few tricks I’ll try using when I play football (in real life that is).

Maybe I will feature in the Fifa20 game for the Nintendo Wii Gen 10 🙂

Live entertainment

My dad’s friend Göran bought us tickets to the Sweden-Finland hockey game at the Globe Arena; it was the final match of the LG Hockey Games 2008. I have never been to a hockey game before, and it really took me by surprise.

The arena was packed to its (relatively small) limit of somewhere near 13500 people. We had popcorn and softdrinks and cheered until my voice gave up on me 🙂

Sweden’s Tre Kronor lost the game in the end, but it was really exciting to watch them play.

Way cool birthday present!

Nintendo DS Lite

My Gameboy Advance mysteriously disappeared around Christmas (and for some odd reason, Filip ended up getting one from Santa), which had me worried for a while. But Santa, being the great dude he is, brought me a shiny new Nintendo DS Lite, and two games to go with it!

What’s really cool about it too, is that it’ll play all of Filips’ GBA games!

It turns out Filip likes to borrow my NDS too though, and he’s learning quickly.

School and football is back on track again, and I’m excited about the upcoming joint birthday party I will be having with Viktor