Catching up with 2007


I know I’ve been away far too long, but I’ll have to (as usual) blame my dad for being much too busy to update my fabulous blog. A lot of things have happened since my last log entry. Summer came and went, we had a blast on Blidö; boat rides, swimming in the Baltic, chillin’, and driving our parents crazy. Mom and Dad almost finished our Guest House too. Well, they think it’s a Guest House, I know it’s actually a place where Filip and I can hang out by ourselves.

This autumn, it was time to go to school for real; so I’m now an official first-grader since a few months. It’s a lot of fun, but some of the homework is a bit silly. I like math a lot, and I like reading.

Football has been a blast; we’ve played several tournaments and I’ve scored many goals. I still get really angry when we lose a game, but dad says I’m getting better at handling it. I’ve also played in the goalie position for a few games, which is cool.

As Christmas approaches, I’ve been telling Mom and Dad to forward my one major request to Santa, which is a Nintendo WII, we’ll see if they manage to get through to him. He seems to be a really busy guy.

Dad recently got us a huge flatscreen TV, so now we can watch our garbage (as he calls it) Disney Channel at much higher resolution 🙂

With a bit of luck, we’ll spend Christmas on Blidö, which will be cool!

Football Camp

The three-day football school ended today. I now have a diploma that states I’ve successfully participated in Team Sweden’s Football Camp! It was three action packed days, with six hours of football every day, and about one hour for feeding activities.

I told dad it wasn’t too draining on my energy levels, but it took me all of three minutes to fall asleep when I put my head on the pillow this evening.

Karius and Bactus

Karius & Baktus
Karius & Baktus
Today we had all of our parents over for our Karius and Bactus school play.

It was a smashing success, and I think this may be my launchpad to broadway. I did some of the special effects and stage work together with Alice. Just about everybody (in my world anyway) were there.

A shame you missed it! Maybe I’ll give you tickets to my next play, now that I’m famous.

Summer party with FCK

FCK Party
FCK Party
Nothing like a little outdoor partying to keep the spirits high until school is out. It was time for our bi-annual FC Kristineberg (that’s my football team) party.

We could not have asked for better weather. Grilled hot dogs, fun games and competitions, as well as a game against our moms. After a whole day of partying, we were given medals for the first part of 2007.

On tuesday, we have our final game before we take a well deserved break for summer. In a few weeks time, I’ll be going to a three-day football camp. By the time we get back from our summer holidays, I’ll be ready to start first grade, and resume my path to footie startdom.

I like Rhodes!

I’m on my way to becoming a seasoned traveler to the Greek Islands. We just got back from Rhodes and I’ve had a blast! Filip and I spent a lot of time on the beach collecting beautiful rocks and in the water snorkling. I got to play the Ratchet game on the PS2 for one hour each day, with dad accompanying me.

We went to Rhodes Town a few times, to visit the castle grounds, and to consume large quantities of ice cream of course. The food was “ok”, apart from the breakfast buffet, which was excellent!

Given the opportunity, I’d definitely go there again!

Go check out the pictures from our trip here.

Ouch Ouch Ouch!

Chicken Pox
Chicken Pox

Remember I said I managed to stay clear of Filip’s chickenpox? Well, I wasn’t all that lucky after all. I was feeling kind of tired and down after school, and now mom and dad have found what they call “a zillion spots” all over my body. So here I am, with one day left until my official 7th birthday, covered in spots!

The coming week will turn out to be a trip to hell and back. Thank goodness for antihistamines. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Well, I managed to stay on top of things for my birthday, and then everything went bad. These past few weeks have been pretty rough on all of us. When the spots stopped itching, I was as happy as dad in an ice cream store.

Ballbreaker 2007!

And so the time has come for the coolest birthday party this year! 🙂 Viktor and I decided to have a combined event this year. So mom and Carola (Viktor’s mom) organized our party to be held at Ballbreaker, a bowling/activity center close to where we live. A lot of kids turned up and we had a blast; bowling, eating burgers and possibly a tad too much sugar. But hey, it’s a party, what’s a 7-year to do? 🙂 Unfortunately, dad had injured his leg, so he had to stay home with Filip. But I guess that was more his loss and left more for us to eat! 🙂

We were all a bit worried that I would catch the chickenpox from Filip, since he had just finished his week-long bout with them, but I somehow managed to stay away from them (thus far anyway).