Five Finger Death Punch, 17-Nov-2017 at the Globe Arena in Stockholm

Dad had gotten us tickets to the Five Finger Death Punch and In Flames joint concert at the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm. We arrived after the opening act, which was nice since we didn’t have to stand in line to get in. Well inside the Globe, we got me a nice 5FDP hoodie. I also found one of my classmates working, so we said “Hi” and had a chat.

The 5FDP concert cannot have left anyone disappointed. Marvelous show by a marvelous band. They invited a guy having his birthday party that night to come up on stage. He looked slightly shocked while standing on stage while the entire Globe audience sang “Burn MF” together. Fantastic.

We stayed for some of the In Flames concert too, but left early and managed to evade most of the crowds which was nice. I truly hope 5FDP comes back to Stockholm soon, a repeat experience is on the cards! 🙂

You can view the full album (including some videos) here: