Guns N’ Roses at Friends Arena, Stockholm Sweden, June 29 2017

Well, I wasn’t quite expecting this. I had a feeling it would be good, and I had a feeling it would be loud. GNR live on stage kicked some serious ass! Having been raised with GNR music around me for all of my life, I was really looking forward to this.

And they delivered. What an awesome show!

Needless to say, Dad enjoyed the concert immensely! 🙂

If you have the chance to go see them, well, go see them!

And if you’re up for some reading, check this article out 🙂


Skiing in Romme, April 1 – 2016

No, it’s not an April fool’s joke. We actually went skiing! First time ever for Filip, second time ever for Alexander (previous experience was at the same place, a few weeks earlier on a school trip). A quick lesson for Filip, and then we were all skiing in Romme! The weather was fantastic, and because this was really the last weekend of skiing at this place, we had a lot of slope to ourselves. No complaints there! This is something we happily do again!

The whole album is here: Romme 2016-04

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Happy 16th Birthday Alexander

Since Dad was on a trip on my actual birthday, we celebrated it on the 20th this year. I wished for an American style breakfast, a cake with a lot of chocolate for the afternoon, and homemade burgers and fries for dinner.

The cake was nothing short of epic. But to say it was “rich” would the understatement of the year. Dad made a black bean mud cake with chopped pistachios as the base layer. On top of that, he put a jar of Nutella topped with smashed up chocolate cookies. The final layer was a rich chocolate mousse, with some chocolate topping, and sixteen chocolate fingers.

The breakfast with American pancakes, scrambled eggs, and a lot of bacon was great. The homemade burgers and fries, epic. What a culinary experience the day turned out to be 🙂

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